*CLASSIC* Spooked Ya!

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We have decided to bring back our Classic 'Spooked Ya' tee but only for a LIMITED TIME! We designed this earlier this year and now, as you already probably know, it has been poorly duplicated and printed on cruddy card board shirts with a small image of his head. Do yourself a favor and get the real deal printed on a PREMIUM Slim fit shirt, with a LARGER in your face Spagett and SAVE some money. Happy Halloween!

The Worlds favorite Cigarette Juice Drinking, Turtleneck wearing, Spookster is back!

The man who brought the art of 'Spooking' to the masses can finally be honored with this Brain Circus Apparel Original, *Limited Edition* 'Spooked Ya' Shirt!


*All garments are custom (ONE OF A KIND) made to order. All orders now process and ship in just 2-4 Business Days if not even sooner :) After leaving our facility Domestic orders take 2-3 Business Days to Arrive and International orders take 7-12 Business Days to Arrive.

*NOTE: All Shirts are CUSTOM / MADE TO ORDER. You will have 12-24 hours to make any changes or request a refund before printing begins. After 12-2 hours changes to your order can no longer be made.