*OFFICIAL* 'Looney Hart' Shirts and Tanks

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If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting David Liebe Hart, aka 'The REAL Master of Puppets', then you know that he is one of the most unique, kind hearted and spectacular human beings that you could ever hope to come across in this lifetime. Quite honestly we feel that he needs his OWN show . . .

Brain Circus Apparel is proud to bring you the OFFICIAL David Liebe Hart 'Looney Harts' Tee shirt and Tank top! This SUPER Trendy shirt couldn't be more fitting if it tried and is sure to be an INSTANT conversation starter where ever you go!

Portions of EVERY shirt or tank sold will go DIRECTLY to David Liebe Hart and help pay for his storage bills as well as his dental work and the dental work for his puppets whose jaws are now falling off!(Anyone know a good puppet repair man? email us if so :) )

All Shirts are printed in the U.S.A. and on PREMIUM Fitting Tees! NO crappy card board tees like most other shirts on the market.

*All garments are custom (one of a kind) made to order. All orders now process and ship in just 2-4 Business Days if not even sooner :) After leaving our facility Domestic orders take 2-3 Business Days to Arrive and International orders take 7-12 Business Days to Arrive.

*NOTE: All Shirts are CUSTOM / MADE TO ORDER. You will have 12 hours to make any changes or request a refund before printing begins. After 12 hours changes to your order can no longer be made. However, still reach out to us and we will see its not too late

***This Design has been Copyrighted, any redistribution of this image without the knowledge or consent of Brain Circus Apparel will result in legal action. This shirt was designed and is currently distributed by Brain Circus Apparel. Beware of bootlegs!

PS: Big Thank You to Everyone who purchased a 'Puppetz of Mastery' Tee! David now has enough funds for his first Dental procedure :)