*Limited Edition* Dingus Lives Matter

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Brain Circus Apparel has no intention to mock the 'Black Lives Matter' cause with this shirt. If you are offended by this design then we are deeply sorry, we cannot be everything to everybody. However, if you do 'Get' this design then you also 'Get' us and we greatly appreciate you support. We personally wear this shirt ourselves and get compliments everywhere we go but again we can not make everyone happy and thats ok. If you want to bash this shirt please do not waste your breathe, life is literally to short to get strung out over the little things. Instead go on about your business and be the cool guy hunk or she hunk that your are, we still love you regardless and appreciate you visiting our site and checking out or passion :)

-Brain Circus Apparel

Are you or someone you know a Dingus whose been mistreated by a know it all hunk or she hunk? Or maybe by a cool guy who thinks they know everyyyyyyything about everything? Then its time for you to take a stand!

Show your support for Dinguses everywhere with the Official Brain Circus Apparel 'DINGUS LIVES MATTER' Premium Fit tee or Tank top!

*All garments are custom (ONE OF A KIND) made to order. All orders now process and ship in just 2-4 Business Days if not even sooner :) After leaving our facility Domestic orders take 2-3 Business Days to Arrive and International orders take 7-12 Business Days to Arrive.

*NOTE: All Shirts are CUSTOM / MADE TO ORDER. You will have 12-24 hours to make any changes or request a refund before printing begins. After 12-24 hours changes to your order can no longer be made.

***This Design has been Copyrighted, any redistribution of this image without the knowledge or consent of Brain Circus Apparel will result in legal action. This shirt was designed and is currently distributed by Brain Circus Apparel. Beware of bootlegs!