EXCLUSIVE 'Finding Casey' - ONLY 9 LEFT!

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ATTENTION: CASEY TATUM, the GREATEST Singer that the world has ever seen, has gone MISSING! He can often be found covered in sweat, tears, and/or saliva and is usually very uncomfortable. If you know his whereabouts PLEASE CONTACT UNCLE MUSCLES HOTLINE ASAP!

Until then please pick up one of our SUPER LIMITED 'Finding Casey' PREMIUM Tee or Tank and help spread the word!

We ONLY HAVE 9 LEFT in our second batch so to act fast, Casey's life depends on it!

**All orders now process and ship from our printing facility in just 1-4 Business Days if not even sooner :) After leaving our facility Domestic orders take 2-3 Business Days to Arrive and International orders take 7-15 Business Days to Arrive.

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