Help Liebe Hart


There are many colorful and strange people that walk along the pop culture tight rope, and then there is David Liebe Hart.  It is safe to say that David Liebe Hart walks the path at his own unique pace.


Who exactly is David Liebe Hart? More notably, David has been a Co-Star on the ‘Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!’ as well on ‘Check it Out!’ with Dr. Steve Brule and the AdultSwim pilot ‘Bagboy’. However, David has been many things since he arrived in Hollywood in the mid 1970′s – actor, musician, puppeteer, public access television host, evangelist, writer, comedian, alien abductee and street performer.  Over the last two decades Hart has become a mainstay in the streets of Los Angeles where he can be seen nightly outside of the Hollywood Bowl and the Santa Monica Pier performing his unique original compositions with his puppet companions.  David Liebe Hart is many things, but what you can definitely say about him is that he is a true original.  There really isn’t anybody else on the pop culture world like him.


I recently had the pleasure of spending some quality time with David and really understanding exactly who he is and what he represents. In my presence was a man who I had watched for years singing songs of life lessons and of course the spicy Corrinean taco, it was surreal to say the least. Then thinking even more into it I realized that this is the same guy who was on the Jimmy Kimmel Show and even ‘Golden Girls’. All of this was hard to remember because of what an amazingly humble and warm guy David actually is in real life.


Upon our many conversations, there was one underlying common theme that set the tone: David’s ongoing financial struggles. Many think that ‘well if a person is on TV and know this guy or that gal in the industry then they must be making huge money’, well . . . that couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, David Liebe Hart hardly makes anything at all. The royalty checks from his past TV appearances are menial and rarely come in and his Christian Music is shunned by local churches. A typical day for David includes finding rides to every local church under the sun to share his music with them in the hopes that they will play it and he may see even a couple of cents royalty check in the mail. Not to mention that he has a rigorous touring schedule on the club circuit that hardly provides him with the money he needs to pay his rent and some of his bills.

David turned 61 this past April and his health is starting to catch up with him. He lacks the proper health care that a man his age should have and is in need of funds for dental work that he needs done ASAP as he is in pain constantly. My first immediate reaction was what can we do to help this man? So we designed the ‘Puppetz of Mastery’ shirt which salutes David’s undeniable contributions to the ventriloquism world. A portion of the proceeds will go directly to David to help fund his dental work that he needs, and we will also be offering CUSTOM 1 one of a kind artworks by David himself. When you purchase a ‘Puppetz of Mastery’ shirt you will directly be giving back the man that has given us so much and still does to this day even at 61 years of age. Order your shirt now and lets get David the dental work he needs. SALAME!